Corporate Social Responsibility

Believers Of
Inclusive Growth

Pinnacle Sourcing and Consultancy has a longstanding commitment to addressing the needs of the society, in view of its belief that for any economic development to be meaningful, the benefits from business must trickle down to the society at large. Pinnacle Sourcing and Consultancy is of the firm view that corporate goals must be aligned with the larger societal goals.

Pinnacle Sourcing and Consultancy India is involved in supporting education for the not so privileged children. We strongly believe that children are the foundation of our nation and if they are groomed properly, we could build a better community and society tomorrow. The company’s commitment to this cause goes much beyond just providing monetary support. It includes regular interaction with the children, understanding their basic requirements and then working towards fulfilling those.

Pinnacle Sourcing will continue working on this initiative of “Knowledge for All” in different locations and trying to upgrade our younger generation, leading them towards a much brighter and successful future which ultimately would lead to a much stronger and knowledgeable India.


From the holistic development of our team members to societal development, we constantly strive for the best. HR has been of primary interest to us, with an emphasis on overall development of our team members. Regular employee feedback sessions along with performance appraisals are done to identify areas of improvement. These are then worked upon with individual team members. Employee health, whether physical, mental, social or spiritual is of great importance to us. In that respect we conduct regular sessions in our office to ensure all round development of our people.