India Sourcing

India currently is the fastest growing major economy & expected to grow by around 6% between 2016~2025, followed by China and Other developing Asian Countries.

India is also projected to dominate in the growth of working age population in Asia Pacific by 2050. The young Indian population with immense potential for economic development will lead to creation of business opportunities for sectors across industries.

Market research tells that India will be having surplus skilled workforce by 2020.Low wage rates and highly skilled Manpower makes India a perfect sourcing destination.


  • Low cost manufacturing with minimum wages
  • Skill India, Digital India and Make in India initiatives by the government.
  • Big Local Market
  • Adherence to quality standards
  • Young and surplus working population
  • Strong legal/Institutional frame work.
  • IT superpower
  • Flexibility in small batch production.
  • Widely used English language
  • Flexibility in Government FDI Policies for enhanced Investments in various segments.